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United Arab Emirates

Cryptocurrency projects rise in popularity and become more and more diversified. Ignoring this fact is not an option anymore, so governments around the world must develop policies to regulate them. In the beginning, the UAE was among the countries that tried to neglect the new technological improvements. Nowadays, it is one of the best countries for cryptocurrency projects in the world. Based on our experience, we will especially emphasize the advantages of the free zone Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (the DMCC).


To operate a legal business with cryptocurrencies, you need to obtain a crypto license in the UAE. It can be used for providing crypto-related services to customers, such as storing their coins. Getting a license for cryptocurrency in Dubai requires filing an application to the DMCC. It should be noted that this license doesn’t allow the launch of an ICO or register a crypto exchange. However, it doesn’t mean that exchanges and ICOs are illegal in the UAE. The main point here is how to arrange such activities well to overcome possible difficulties.


Business plan

Financial flow

AML officer


Set of policies


UAE company registration - starts w/ 2190 USD

Crypto license registrations - 9200 USD (without state fees)

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