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We provide comprehensive solutions to ensure our clients comply with regulatory requirements. Our team of experts assists businesses in developing and implementing effective compliance programs. We are among the top trademark registration consultants, and our services include AML compliance, crypto & EMI license, trademark registration, and more. Contact us to know more about our services.

Our Main Focus

Our work is based on the three layers of services, we are focused and professional team which gave up quantity for quality

Financial Licenses 

- Assistance in MSB license obtaining (USA, Canada)

- Money transmitter, loans, funds, debit licenses

- Electronic money institution, Payments institution, bank licenses in European Economic Zone

AML Compliance

- Anti-money laundering policies and procedures

- AML officers team for your service

- AML due diligence and advisory

-Risk advisory  

Crypto Licenses

- Crypto wallet and exchange license

- ICO, IDO and other coin offerings

- Documents for legal crypto activity

- Legal opinions

- Projects legal due diligence

Company Registrations 

- Assistance in company registration anywhere in the world;

- Legal address;

- Corporate service and maintenance 

Taxes Assistance

- Tax audit

- Taxes optimisation

- Compliance

- Accounting support 

IP, AI, TM Registrations

- Intellectual property rights;

- Artificial  intelligence  regulations;

- Trade Mark registration;

- IP rights protection

Financial & Crypto Licensing

Get all registrations in one place for Your crypto or financial projects

Business Meeting
Corporate Registrations

Get full support on Your business starting or maintaining 

Tax Income Reports
Taxes Assistance

We are team of taxes planners and risk assessment teams from top firms around the globe, find out how we can maintain You business

Full Anti-money Laundering compliance

We have exact plan for Your business to be complied with AML law all over the world

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