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As the use of cryptocurrency continues to grow, the Polish government has put in place regulations to ensure the safe and secure operation of crypto businesses in the country. However, Poland is widely considered to be one of the most accessible jurisdictions in Europe for crypto businesses. This is due to several factors, including favorable regulations, low requirements and the unique procedure of company registration. Unlike other jurisdictions, Poland offers a fully remote online solution of company registration and license obtainment even for foreigners.

The requirements for obtaining a crypto authorization in Poland are the following:

share capital of 5000 PLN (approximately 1000 EUR);

having a clean criminal record;

having knowledge or experience related to the legal or practical issues related to the virtual currencies activity.

If you do not have such knowledge/experience – no worries. We provide a brief online course and issue a certificate afterwards, which is sufficient for the authorities.


Business plan

AML officer

Set of policies

Statutory capital from 1000 Eur


Company registration - 1490 Euro

Crypto license - 3900 Euro (state fees not included)

AML officer search - starts with 290 Euro/person

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