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Located in the centre of Europe, the Czech Republic acts as a gateway to both the eastern and the western markets. The place is less than 2 hours by air from most European countries. As a member of the EU, any company in the Czech Republic benefits from the country’s trade relationships and commercial ties with most of the business centres in the world. In addition, the country is bereft of a majority of trade burdens. There is no dearth of literate, skilled and professional workforce in the country, so employability standards are conducive for business operation.

The Czech Republic shows a high degree of entrepreneurship and favourable conditions for doing business. The country features high standards of living, a vibrant economy and a refreshingly aesthetic landscape.


Companies and individuals in Czexh Republic are required to pay the following taxes:

  • The CIT rate is 19% and applies to all business profits, including capital gains from the sale of shares (if not exempt under the participation exemption regime). In 2023-25, a windfall tax (60 % corporate income tax surcharge) applies to excess profits of large banks and companies within the energy sector over their average past profits.

  • There is a special CIT rate of 15% levied on dividend income of Czech tax resident entities from non-resident entities (unless subject to participation exemption).

  • A 5% CIT rate applies to income of certain investment funds, and a 0% CIT rate applies to pension funds.



  • Shareholders: the minimum number is one; can be both an individual and a legal entity;

  • There are no residency requirements.

  • One must have a real legal address and a registered agent in CR.

  • KYC/KYB procedures

  • No local director requirement implied

  • Legal address with correspondence service for a year (renewal 890 EUR/year + VAT)

  • Registration in all necessary authorities and obtaining tax and identification numbers

  • Submission of mandatory tax returns and applications to the register of beneficiaries

  • Consultation on the chosen direction of activity

  • All registration fees


Company registration - 2190 EUR

If you need to register a company in CZECH REPUBLIC with additional services (open a corporate
account, get a VAT number, business license), check the total price individually with our

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