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British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a British overseas territory located in the Caribbean (the Francis Drake Channel), it is bordered by the east to Puerto Rico. The capital city of the British Virgin Islands is Road Town with a population consisting of over 30,000 people. The official currency of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is the United States Dollar (USD) with the English language as its official language.

The BVI Business Companies Act 2004 is the legislative framework regulating Company formation, regulation & other incorporation related activities in the British Virgin Islands. The government is a political democracy under a constitutional monarchy.

Company formation in BVI is a solid source of annual revenue to the government of this jurisdiction as it contributes more than 50% obtained from licensing fees paid by the companies. The BVI is a reputable offshore regulatory jurisdiction. The BVI Financial services commission is an autonomous regulatory authority responsible for company activities and other related financial services on the Island.

British Virgin Islands

Companies and individuals on BVI are required to pay the following taxes:

  • Corporate tax rate - 0%.

  • Personal income tax - 0%.

  • Value Added Tax rate - 0%.



  • Minimum 1 shareholder

  • KYC/KYB procedures

  • No local director requirement implied

  • Legal address with correspondence service for a year (renewal 890 USD/year + VAT)

  • Registration in all necessary authorities and obtaining tax and identification numbers

  • Submission of mandatory tax returns and applications to the register of beneficiaries

  • Consultation on the chosen direction of activity

  • All registration fees


Company registration - 1290 USD

If you need to register a company on BVI with additional services (open a corporate account,
business license), check the total price individually with our lawyers.

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