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Canada is one of the most influential countries in the world & is part of the G7. The jurisdiction attracts foreign entrepreneurs at the state level, offering start-up visas, grants, tax credits and small business deductions. For those who are focused on the US market, value privacy and do not want to be offshore, Canada is the most profitable option. Starting a business in Canada is popular for areas such as finance, international trade, consulting services, IT, digital, industry and agricultural activities.

Income tax in Canada at a progressive rate:

  • Federal tax - from 15% to 38%

  • Provincial tax - 5.06% to 20.5%


The minimum number of directors is 1. There are
requirements for director residency. The minimum
number of shareholders is 1. There are no
requirements for the residency of a shareholder.
There is a reporting requirements.


Company registration 2790 USD (inc. payment of
the state fee, preparation of registration
documents, service of legal address for 1 year,
registered agent service for 1 year)
Obtaining a tax number for a company - 600 USD
Opening an account with a payment system - 790
The company is registered remotely.

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